The Timekeeper and his apprentice runs the big World Clock that drives time itself forward. The work is hard. Eager to prove himself, the apprentice tries to do his masters job. But he is not strong enough and time stops!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Finished with our first set: Clocktower ext!

Our first set is done! It is a cropped version of the exterior clocktower. It measures 120 cm broad and 100 cm in the height. Below are some process pictures.

First we cut out a rough shape in an MDF and attached it to a support frame. 

Since the set is going to be seen mostly from the front and slightly angled, we only had to attach small walls on the sides.

The bricks on the wall where cut out in styrofoam and glued on with pva glue. We also attached cardboard  to make old weather beaten cement.

We applied a layer of light filler on top of the cardboard to get some cement texture.

We used akrylic paints and "drybrushed" everything to get out the details.


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