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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Puppet Heads

After we searched for different methods for creating replaceable expressions for the heads, we decided to sculpt all the different expressions. We would like to thank the Flynn brothers for sharing their process on creating puppet heads. After studying their work, we used the same approach.

The heads was sculpted in Super Sculpey Firm and Milliput. 
 The heads were then cut in to three pieces, to make silicone molds. 
 The head pieces were cast in resin..
...and expressions were sculpted on top. 
 Finally everything was given a layer of white base coat...
...and painted with miniature model paint.


  1. what kind of clay did you guys uses to make the expressions? and how did you guys paint the clay to make it look that skin tone?

  2. Hi, we used a combinatiopn of Milliput and Super Sculpey Firm for the original sculpt, then we made molds from that using Mold Max silicone and cast them in Fast Cast resin. The expressions were then sculpted on top of the resin casts with Super Sculpey Firm. We used a mix of Tamya miniature paints for the skin tone. I think it was a combination of Flat Flesh with White, in about a 2:1 ratio. We added tiny amounts of Red and Black to that mix for some subtle shading around the eyes.

    1. Thanks alot! I plan my making my own stop motion. you guys rock when i saw yalls test animation it looked amazing can't wait to see the final production.

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